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Here It is guys one of my suggestions for mabinogi or just and interesting thought.


Analog stick = movement

Dpad = camera angels/zoom in/out(hot keys?)

Y = bandage(hot key)

X = rest (hot key)

B = second attack (hot key)

A = basic attack(hot key)

L = reset cam to back of character

R = Run/dodge (not sure)

Start = Menu, shows up on bottom screen(what you would normally get when opening menu in game)

Select = open chat

Bottom screen (they can either be these or hot key buttons)

-Character info









-shop and beauty shop

-(weapon switch button at the top of the touch screen)

Note: if you dont want those buttons on the touch screen then they can be hot keys instead and the start button or select button can let you access the buttons that i had originally put on the touch screen instead 

If there is something you want to add or edit please do and reblog this I hope you all like it! 

Mabinogina I hope you like it as well i worked hard on this (originally was going to draw the whole thing but ended up editing stuff in Gimp 2)

Hours spent: 3


So some people have shown their concerns on how this is a pc game and should stay a pc game and if it was ported to the 3ds it would cause major lag etc. However there are some small techniques that nintendo has used in the past to reduce lag in games and make it so that there can be more data in the game as well. 

First off this is a CONCEPT DESIGN and it will definetly have flaws. However that being said Im currently working on the user interface for the full game on the Wii U today … but it will take a while longer because i need to do the research and other some other stuff as well to make it completely flawless. Basically though this is how i think it’ll work you buy the full game(with Ds add on) that you play on the Wii U but when you want to go mobile and not have to connect to the internet you download the map data for say one of the continents as well as one character data then you go out and play and come back and sync up your data to the wii u which would then sync up the data to the server. Im still working on the details but that should lower lag time as well(there might be a possibility that there can even be a multiplayer dungeon mode. But in reality it wouldnt load the whole map it would only load a section like say the desert and filia like it does in the game to lower lag and also it would have where it would only load a certain distance and nothing farther than that untill you started moving into the area and kinda like how some old nintendo games worked it would only really load everything that you could see on your screen.

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